„Gasification program with the use of LNG” during the XXII GAZTERM Conference 2019

In 2019, the organizers of the conference decided to pay special attention to the issues related to natural gas in the Baltic Sea territory . This area currently has and will have in the future a strategic importance for the development of the Polish gas market, as well as other countries located in Central and Eastern Europe. An equally important are the perspectives for the development of the country's gasification stage. The Vice-President of the Polish Gas Company Wioletta Czemiel-Grzybowska, President of Gas-Trading S.A. Tymoteusz Pruchnik, Director of the CNG / LNG Department, PGNiG Retail Department Tomasz Matan, President of Gaz Sp. Z o.o. Robert Więckowski and Jerzy Bahr from the WKB Wierciński, Kwieciński, Baehr discussed it during a special panel dedicated to LNG.

            The CEO of Gas-Trading S.A. Tymoteusz Pruchnik spoke about the current challenges faced by the LNG transport branch. He emphasized the importance of cooperation between companies within the PGNiG SA Capital Group, and also drew attention to the legitimacy of contributing to the development of Polish technology in the production of cryogenic equipment.