Gas-Trading S.A. participating in the 2nd Luxtorpeda Cluster 2.0 Conference

During the conference, panelists talked about innovative and eco-friendly solutions that can be used in rail transport. Conference participants debated, among others on measures to increase the importance of rail in both passenger and freight transport.

During the panel "Innovative eco-friendly solutions for railways", the possibility of using both LNG and hydrogen to drive locomotives was raised.

Gas-Trading S.A. in cooperation with POLERIO Sp. z o.o. launched a research project aimed at analyzing the possibilities of using liquefied natural gas in passenger transport. The task of Gas-Trading S.A. is, among others analysis of the possibilities of building an LNG refueling station, gas supplies for rolling stock and determining the best locations for locating technical infrastructure. Currently, using liquefied natural gas, the companies from the PGNiG S.A. Capital Group successfully implement the policy of filling white spots on the gas map of Poland, at the same time the joint project of Gas-Trading S.A. and POLREGIO Sp. z o.o. can contribute to the development of public transportation in places where there is a lack of electric traction.