Gas-Trading S.A. will supply LNG to the Synthos chemical plant in Oświęcim

On August 23, 2019, PGNiG OD signed a contract for the supply of nearly 8,200 tons of liquefied natural gas to Synthos chemical plants by the end of 2021. Gas-Trading S.A. will be responsible for the transport of gas.


75th anniversairy of the Warsaw Uprising

The Management Board of Gas-Trading S.A. along with representatives of the PGNiG S.A.Group companies celebrated the 75th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising


LNG as a path to local governments’ energy independence

Could LNG be a way for Energy independent local governments? This and many other questions Gas-Trading S.A. tried to answer during „the Energy Independence of Municipalities” Conference


Gas-Trading S.A. in cooperation with PGNiG OD, delivered the first LNG transport to the Ostrobramska depot in Warsaw

On April 17 of this year PGNiG OD concluded an agreement with Municipal Transport Company in Warsaw for the supply of LNG fuel for 35 buses. Gas-Trading S.A. delivered fuel with cryogenic tanks from the branch of PGNiG SA in Odolanów.


„Gasification program with the use of LNG” during the XXII GAZTERM Conference 2019

06-09 May 2019, the GAZTERM conference - one of the most important events of the energy industry was held for the 22nd time. Gas-Trading S.A. supported the event and actively participated in the discussions on the prospects for the development of the small scale LNG market in the country.


Gas-Trading S.A. as a partner of the 4th Science Conference „ Energy Security – pillars and development prospects”

The aim of the Conference was to contribute to the scientific and expert discussion on the broadly defined energy sector. During the thematic panels the representatives of the PGNiG SA Group companies and the scientific community jointly debated on the issues of local LNG distribution.


Gas-Trading S.A. is a partner of the PGNiG SA in the Poland Prize program

PGNiG S.A. participates in the government program Poland Prize, to which are invited startups from around the world. Gas-Trading S.A. in cooperation with InnVento, actively supports activities for the development of innovative products in the PGNiG Capital Group.


4000 tanks loaded at the LNG Terminal in Świnoujście

Since mid-2016, PGNiG has already loaded 4,000 tankers from the LNG Terminal. A part of the volume was transported to final customers with cryogenic cisterns of Gas-Trading S.A.


Gas-Trading S.A. as a partner of the Conference „Polish Primary Commodities Security”

Debates of experts on the role of LNG in homeland security.


Gas-Trading S.A. in „POLSKI KOMPAS 2018”

President of Gas-Trading S.A. Tymoteusz Pruchnik on the pages of „POLSKI KOMPAS 2018” about the history and perspectives of the development of the small LNG.


Gas-Trading S.A. participated of the 4th National Economic Summit 2018

Cryogenic tank Gas-Trading S.A. transporting LNG from a gas terminal in Świnoujście welcoming guests to the National Economic Summit OSG2018


Gas-Trading S.A. co-organizing the Energy Future congress

During the event, representatives of the highest state authorities together with representatives of companies, centers and institutions related to energy sector, had the opportunity to raise current key issues in the gas and fuel industry.