We are a trusted supplier of liquefied natural gas for large private and state enterprises. We have been transporting LNG since May 2017 and are systematically expanding our transport fleet.

We provide gas from the President Lech Kaczyński terminal in Świnoujście to entire Europe, with the emphasis on Central and Eastern Europe

We offer rental of mobile re-gasification stations, which are a great solution for the time of renovation, improvement of the gas installation after a breakdown or in the absence of connection to the gas infrastructure. This also proves useful in situations where waiting for the extension of the existing gas network is prolonged and lasts for several years, and the recipients want to use efficient and eco-friendly energy fuel.

  • Together with PGNIG Obrót Detaliczny sp z.o.o. we are working on introducing to the offer of the PGNiG Group a gas supply of micro-installations of LNG re-gasification to small and medium-sized enterprises. The advantage of this solution in addition to the economic aspect for the customer will be a significant reduction of emissions to the environment.

If you’re intrested in our offer, please contact us: lng@gtsa.pl